Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break Weekend #3

On the last day of our spring break in Dallas we went to a place called "Go Bonkers". This was soo much fun and super cheap. Addison was the most expensive at $2.50 and the adults who could get in the climbing area with the kids are only $1.00. How great is that?! This place is kind of like Discovery Zone. A huge maze of climbing equipment that you are netted in to. We went with Addison in the toddler area, but she quickly was over and done with that, so we decided to go ahead and try out the 3-104 age climbing area. We did have to definitely stay with Addison because there were tougher things to get there and many more kids in this area to push and run past. She did great though and I don't think that Addison felt overwhelmed or scared at all. The best part of the whole place was the very very slick and fast slides that were placed randomly in this huge maze. We had so much fun! Thanks Uncle T for the great idea. That is definitely a place to visit again. Trinity had to leave us to go out of town for visit that evening so for dinner we headed out with Diana, Jen, and Mike to the Macaroni Grill and then some Chick-A-Fil shakes for dessert.

We headed home Tuesday morning, with many problems, but we made it. Addison started out very very grumpy. We did okay at Einstein Bros. for breakfast. We got on the road and sat in traffic for an hour not even out of Dallas. After finally getting a move out of Dallas, Addison says she needs to go potty. We stop to let her go, after she finishes, Addison and I are walking on the sidewalk and I slip and fall. I tried really really hard to roll so that Addison would not slam her head into the concrete and in the end I bummed up my knee and elbow! We get to Abilene and have lunch at Wendy's. While we are in there, Mally decides to travel up to the front and eat all or tried to eat all of the food that we had for Addison. When Thomas gets to the car, she decides to pee all over the console and the seat because she knew Thomas was mad at her. UGH!!! We made it home though..and we were ready to rest and let Addison get back to her happy mood.

Thank you so much to the Vaughns for letting us stay at your house and letting us visit you!! Thank you also to the Keffers! We had so much fun hanging out with all of you all and we miss seeing you on a regular basis. Can't wait to hopefully see you in May.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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