Wednesday, March 17, 2010

1st Hair Cut

Today we took Addison to get her first hair cut. We have been thinking about it for weeks, but saying "no, we need to let it grow more" and "is she really needing a hair cut?" Well we decided last night that the mullet really was not the best fashion statement for a 22 month old and we needed to even out the back to make it look a little more "together". To preface this, she has been asking about getting a hair cut for some weeks now even before we mentioned her getting one. I guess she has heard mommy and daddy talking about needing/getting one themselves and she wanted to join the bandwagon. Well, because we have had all of this talk of getting hair cuts, she had no problem and was actually reall excited when she heard she was going to get one. We walked in singing a Reynolds original "the hair cut song" and she saw Ms. Anna and yelled hair cut with a great big smile. She jumped right on the booster chair and was ready to go! We saved her little mullet in an envelope to treasure forever and Addison now has a very cute mini bob! Thank you Anna for being so wonderful and thank you Addison for being such a wonderful amazing baby.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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