Monday, June 15, 2009

Our little bookworm

Addison has been so excited about looking at her variety of books and handing them to us to read to her. She has learned how to turn the pages independently, she has began to anticipate things that are going to happen in familiar books, and will make "comments" on the pictures. She has become very excited over a certain 2 books that Thomas and I have been reading to her lately. The books allow you to be very animated and she will just smile and look at us with excitement when we get to certain parts. She has even begun to turn the pages back to find her favorite parts that she enjoys hearing. (Needless to say I think she is really taking after her Daddy...which he is so excited for. ) These books, I think,would be great gifts to give or if you have a little one of yourown, definitely consider going out and getting them. Both authors also have other great books.

Much Love!
The Reynolds

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