Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Little Helper

Ever since Addison has been born, the cleaning that has occured in my house has become minimal and more spread out. It is very very tough to clean a house when an infant is needing your assistance at almost all parts of the day. The parts that are not taken up by their time is often spent trying to take care of your needs such as: sleep, shower, eat, and don't forget work. I have struggled and struggled to find just the right time to squeeze some house cleaning. Well, I no longer have to worry about getting my chores around the house done alone, because I now have a special helper who is a hard worker and never complains about work that is given to her. Here are some pictures of her doing some laundry, cleaning the bathroom, and doing the dishes.

Much Love!
The Reynolds


  1. So cute! Thank goodness for little helpers!!!

  2. She is going to break that door if you keep letting her sit on it. Those things aren't built for a lot of weight. Not saying she is heavy but you put 20lbs on anything enought times and you are going to have something snap.

  3. Also, that is a dangerous way to bathe a baby.

  4. We normally do not let her sit on there, but I couldn't resist taking a quick photo. If we would let her, she would be crawling on and in it to get the dishes out of it so we have lock her out or distract so I can unload the dishes. What a helper she is!