Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I can do anything!

So I wanted to share all of the new things that Addison is doing these days! I haven’t given an email update for her one-year milestones and I am so thrilled at how smart our sweet girl is that I must brag! Let us start….

Language and Communication
We have been teaching Addison sign language since she has been 6 months old. We have used the Baby Signing Time DVD’s and continuously using the signs throughout the day, everyday. As she has grown cognitively she has begun to catch on to these signs and understands when to use them to communicate her needs. Independently she is signing: More, All Done, Eat, Water, Hat/Head, and waving bye. On request she is signing: cereal, diaper, teeth, and will wipe her face when I tell her time to wash her face (this is not the formal sign, but it is an Addison sign).

As for her oral language, she has been trying to model a lot of what we have been saying the past couple of weeks and it is actually very clear that she is trying to say the word. On her own she is able to verbalize: Dada, dog, duck, ball, bird, and head

Addison has been picking up on what things are used for and is trying to do more things on her own. When she has a washcloth she will attempt to wipe her own face. We have a hair scrubber that we use the wash her hair and she is now trying to wash her own hair with it, as well, she will get the hair brush and try to brush her hair. She will take the toothbrush and attempt to brush her teeth. Since Addison has tubes in her ears, we sometimes have to use anti-biotic drops in her ears and she has tried to put the dropper in her ears. Addison knows what the cell phone is for and she will hold it up to her ears and make noises. This week she has decided that she is ready to try and start feeding herself with her spoon. What a mess! She is even trying to help mommy do laundry. She will stand at the dryer and take things in and out of the dryer. She also knows that clothes somehow go on your she trys to place different articles of clothing on her head. (The other morning while doing laundry and looked down and she had my bra half way on her head and half way on her neck:-) ...made me smile)

Motor Skills
Addison has not started walking yet, but last week she decided that she was ready to try and start standing up independently. She will push herself up off of the floor and come to standing position and can stand there for as long as she wishes. She is still too cautious to take a step. Soon though! She is able to pick up a large or small ball and will play catch, back and forth. She does really well at trying to toss the ball. Addison’s fine motor skills are great. She is able to do shape sorters, stackers, etc. She is also pouring and filling with water.

WOW!! I wanted to update on those things! Of course I could list millions more, but I know that you do not want to read all of that.

Much Love!
The Reynolds


  1. I want to see her stand on her own. I can only imagine the look on her face as she stands there contemplating what to do next.

  2. Yea, she will stand there staring at us smiling-like, you guys are crazy!- because we are trying to coax her to start walking. Once we start doing that , she falls right to the ground and starts crawling! BOO!