Saturday, September 22, 2012

Parent Teacher Conference

This week, Thomas and I headed over to All Saints for Addison's Parent Teacher Conference. Mrs. Oatman shared that Addison is doing extremely well in school and that she just cracks her up! She always come in with a smile and, as usual, ready to talk her ear off about anything and everything and more specifically, Avett! She has placed Addison at a table with two other little girls that are very quiet to do her work.  This not only is to help with the classroom noise of not putting Addison with other talkers, but also it is being used as a way to help get the quiet girls to be more talkative! Nice planning! She also shared that Addison is doing so well with reading comprehension that after nap time, she will begin to pull Addy and 2 other students to start doing the emergent reader program! So thrilled to hear that! It was awesome to hear that she is doing so well and that she thoroughly enjoys being at school and learning! 

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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