Saturday, October 6, 2012

2 months

I know that this is very late!! On the 28th of September, Avett turned 2 months old!! We can't not believe how quickly he is growing and we feel like we just do not have the time to watch him grow the way we would like to.  We are, though, fully enjoying our life of a family of 4.  It has been so amazing to watch Avett and Addison interacting together, to go and do small little family outings as a family, and to feel so complete with our family! Here are some stats on our boy for the month:
~ He is now weighing in at 13 lbs 10 oz. and is 24 inches long.  Both of these are in the 50-75 percentile.  Not too big and not too small! We have moved to 3 months clothing, but are slowly pulling from the 3-6 month section, as well.
~ He is sleeping up to 4-5 am. He has been sleeping in his bassinet still, but the weekend he turned 2 months we transitioned him into his crib.  He is still getting used to a more open space of the crib and his loose arms are waking him up more in the middle of the night. So, some nights we have a our full night of sleep until his normal wake up time, or we wake up around 1 or 2 and need to be repositioned.
~ He is cooing and smiling, ALOT! He has been very alert and loves to have anyone sit and talk with him. Kisses. also, are always a good starter for a big smile! He is able to track a person or toy with his eyes.
~ He has shown that he is very strong in his leg and head muscles.  He enjoys to stand and look around and will hold his head up for very long amounts of time.
~ He is still eating very well, but has calmed down quite a bit..helping me in the process! Mom gives him bottles during the day and he is taking the bottle with no problems. He does enjoy sucking on his hand when hungry and we are really trying to move away from that...even trying the paci, which I did not want to use, but he is not really interested in that.  Therefore, it is just a "catch me if you can" game with his hand. We try to quickly move his hand away whenever we are watching him and take care of the "stiuation" if at all possible.
~ We had some major skin problems on his face and head this month with alot of baby acne and irritation from lotions, perfume, and especially Thomas' aftershave. His face has completely cleared up and baby soft again after multiple face washing throughout the day, natural anti-allergen lotion, and no body products worn from the adults.

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