Sunday, September 2, 2012

One Month

Avett is officially one month old this week! It is so hard to believe how quickly he is growing. We have seen different changes in him every week. We have been so lucky that we have this sweet little boy and sooo lucky that he is such a great baby! We have really had no problems or hard times with him thus far! Here are some things he is doing:
~ He has definitely begun to fill in and has started to become our chunky monkey. He has quickly moved from his newborn to the 3 month outfits and barely working the 0-3 month outfits. He is eating very very well! He is eating every 1 1/2 to 3 hours. I am still in and out of having problems, but things have gotten easier.
 ~ He is sleeping really well at night. We feed him between 8 and 9 in the evening and he will sleep until 2 or 3 in the morning. He will only eat a small amount and get his diaper changed and is back to sleep for another 2 hours, eat a tiny bit more and get changed and sleeps some more. He is still sleeping in our room, but the moses basket is increasingly getting tooo small. So since I have been home alone with him this week, I have been transitioning him for napping into his crib. It seems to be going pretty well, and once he is sleeping longer through the night we will move him into the crib at night.
~ He is smiling, making eye contact, and cooing so much more. He looks around and observes so much, especially his sister while she is playing. He enjoys smiling when he is getting "silly kisses" and will give you eye contact, noises, and open his mouth to "request" more! It is so fun to see him become more interactive. When he is not hungry he will lay on the pillow with Addison at night and listen to the bedtime stories, I think he more enjoys laying on the comfy pillow and laying next to sister.
~ He is not a fussy baby at all! Thank goodness! The only time he really cries is when he is "starving" and when he has had a dream that startles him awake. He will make one or two "sad" noises when he is starting to get sleepy. We have not used a paci at all and I am very happy that we have not had to use one. What luck we have!
~ Addison has done so so well with him. She has been a big helper. She enjoys picking out his diaper and throwing them away. She will watch him, while mommy or daddy walks away for a moment, she loves to talk to him, kiss him, hold him, sing to him, pretty much anything she can do with him, she enjoys! We are working on her having a quiet voice while he is sleeping and to not touch him or things around him that move while he is sleeping. She just can't help herself and it has been a bit of a struggle for her...lots of reminders are being made by mommy and daddy.
In the next month, we will be having some more changes on sure physically and developmentally, but there will also be some changes in the environment. Mom will be going back to work on the 10th and will begin going over to Nana's everyday for "Nana Daycare". I am very happy that she will be taking care of him, but I am so sick to my stomach about not being with him anymore. He will begin the transition to taking a bottle this week. Hopefully, this will go well!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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