Monday, April 9, 2012

Construction Zone

There has been lots of work going on construction wise in the Reynolds' house. We started with a bookshelf that was in the spare bedroom. We decided that the black bookshelf that was in Addison's room needed to head over to Avett's room, for a more coherent look and we would take the bigger spare bedroom shelf and put it in Addison's room. Therefore, I started the project of sanding the entire bookshelf and then Thomas and Addison took over with painting it to match Addison's furniture. Addison really enjoyed working with her Daddy on it and helped it put it together when it was finished. We put the bookshelf where the big rocker was in the corner and the room looks so much more spacious! Lots of shelving for her millions of books, as well. The next project that was done was the "Giant" project. Ronnie and Vicki came up this weekend so that they could work on the task I gave them for Avett's room. They worked their tails off and I am soooo very happy with the outcome of it. They also worked in the kids bathroom to fix up the popcorn ceiling that was starting to peel off. They completely took it down, retextured, and painted it. Overall, it was a huge success and we got everything done that we wanted to. Now it is my turn to do all the work...organizing, trying to figure out where to put all of our crap, and decorating!!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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