Thursday, April 12, 2012


We had a pretty low key Easter since Thomas and Ronnie were slaving away on the construction of Avett's room. On Saturday morning, Addison, Vicki, and I dyed eggs. This was the first time we have done it with Addison and she really enjoyed it! She made glitter eggs, sticker eggs, and eggs that had crayon on them. Fun stuff!! After those were finished the girls went and did a little shopping and while we were out and about, we noticed an Easter Bunny out at one of the shops in Kingsgate. We stopped and let Addy take a picture with him, she was thoroughly delighted!! I made a Easter dinner for everyone on Saturday night, to be in the Easter spirit, but also to show my true appreciation for my in laws coming up and helping us with this large task of redoing the bedroom for our baby boy! We had a great dinner and spent some nice time together. Sunday, Addison woke to find that the Easter bunny had hidden the eggs inside, since there was a chance of rain over the night and morning. The living room was a great place to search for Easter eggs since it had been ransacked with spare bedroom "stuff". She loved hunting, looking in her Easter basket, and we had a quiet day that was ended with the finishing of Avett's room and a little bit of egg (cascarones) smashing in the backyard

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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  1. wished we could have been there.See you soon Nana