Thursday, March 22, 2012

22 weeks

Today we are officially 22 weeks along, making us 2 weeks past the half way point of the pregnancy. Things are going okay for me right now. I have been having some health related problems that I are not too fun to deal with and we are working on them. I have been having quite a bit of lightheadedness and dizziness that has really become a somewhat of a scary situation when I am out in public without Thomas to assist if needed. We are noticing this happening about mid morning and mid afternoon. The doctor is wanting me to get on another dosage of iron during the day and also begin to have a protein snack because she thinks I might be having a type of insulin shock and my blood sugar is dropping at those times. I have also been having headaches which is probably related to the iron deficiency and exhaustion from the pregnancy and work. Who know that this sweet little boy could give me so much trouble!! I am still so happy, excited, and proud to be pregnant and I wouldn't change anything because it is just getting me closer to the day I get to see our little boy. Other things to know...we are in slow motion with the room right now while Thomas is still working on school and most of the weekends are taken up by a few errands here and there on Saturday morning with him and then it is off to work and reading. Our plan though is to do yellow and gray and the theme is a vintage train theme. Lots of ideas are running through my head and hopefully they all come out how we are picturing it! We also have found a daycare that we are really happy and excited about for him. It is called the Playhouse and it is literally 5 minutes away from the house so it should be a great spot easy pick up and drop off for Addison and the baby. I think that is most of the news that I need to share about our new addition! And one more thing...Speaking of our little boy, for those of you who have not heard through the grapevine we have officially picked out a name. Our newest addition to the family will be Avett Hill Reynolds. We have fallen in love with this name and we are very proud of it, it is unique and just perfect for us!
Much Love,
The Reynolds

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  1. that's my sweet grandson in there can't wait to me you Avett.Love you Nana