Monday, December 20, 2010

Vocal Ensemble

Since Addison was a year, she has been involved in Joyful Noise Music Studio doing Kindermusik. It is a wonderful program that allows children to explore with music, build on their developmental skills, and to have some bonding time with mommy/daddy. She is in the fall 2 year old program, and has really enjoyed it. She has even become a little bit of a teacher's pet to Mrs. Gayle. Mrs. Gayle a month or 2 ago, asked us if we would interested in placing Addison in the Vocal Ensemble class for the 3-5 year olds. Even though she was younger, Addison was showing the ability to sing with the group, match her pitch with the teacher, and find the beat. We were very eager and quickly added her to the ensemble group. She runs in the room ready to sing and be with Mrs. Randa. We don't know exactly what she does in there since, we can't go in and watch her. This Saturday though, the group of 3-5 year olds from multiple classes and a few older girls joined up to do 2 recitals at the "fancy" retirement centers in Lubbock: Raider Ranch and Carillon. Addison was very nervous for me to leave her and I had to bribe her with a cookie at Sugarbakers after she sang, and after that she was good to go. The second performance was a little more lack luster, because she was quite tired. In the end, we were soooo proud of this girl! She was so brave and she did a wonderful job, especially for being probably the youngest gal in the crowd!

Much Love,
The Reynolds


  1. So cute! I wish we could hear their singing!

  2. We took video, probably after the craziness of Christmas, Thomas can sit down and download all of it onto the computer so we can post it. They were too cute!

  3. Aww!!! How fun! Can't wait to hear the video.