Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Miracle on 34th parade

On Saturday night, we decided to head over to 34th street for the Christmas parade. It started at 6, so thought it would be fun for us to pack a lunch and sit in our chairs outside and wait for the parade to start. Well, once we got outside we quickly realized how incredibly cold it was going to be that night and chose to have our pb & j, crackers, string cheese, and carrots/ranch picnic in the car. It was quite interesting, especially since it was Thomas' car and he did not want anything to get dirty.

Once the parade was about to start, we went ahead and began to battle the cold. Luckily we have the cutest hat for Addison to wear and the newspaper lady also thought it was super cute. She took a picture of us and we will be in the Friday paper in the GO section. Here is the site:

The parade was not what I expected, pretty low rent parade, but it wasn't for us, it was for Addison. She absolutely loved being able to wave at every person walking or riding by and saying "Merry Christmas" to them. She didn't need extravagent floats or decorations for the parade, just the Christmas spirit that she felt and the people in the parade reciprocating that to her! I love it! In the end we saw Santa and she was happy and content to end the parade, go home, and snuggle up in her warm bed!

Here is Addy with her peanut buttery mouth! Mmmm...she loves peanut butter

Don't we look excited? You should see how we looked by the end of it, when we were freezing!!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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