Sunday, December 5, 2010

Carol of Lights

We went on Friday to our annual Texas Tech Carol of Lights. We were not able to go last year, because of the cold and the fact that Addison was quite sick, so we were determined to continue our family tradition again this year. The Carol of Lights is a very special occasion for Thomas and I and we are so happy to have added Addison into the mix. I think Raider Red and getting a candy cane from Santa were the highlights of her night!

Having fun on Daddy's shoulders.
Even though it was really not that cold, Addy was determined to wear her winter attire: monkey hat and mittens. After a couple of minutes she was ready to take them off, I am sure it got a little toasty for her!
Resting on Daddy's head while we listen to the carols.

The three of us at the Carol of Lights.
Isn't she so cute!!?
Raider Red and the Reynolds
The Masked Rider
Much Love,
The Reynolds

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