Wednesday, October 6, 2010

South Plains Fair

Last weekend we went to the wonderful amazing Lubbock Fair!! :-) We went last year and Addison had a great time on the carousel. This year, it did not go over as well. We were able to get Addison on and riding the horse, but we had to wait about 5 minutes to get everyone on the ride. This was 5 minutes too long!! Addison decided to think about the fact that this might be something scary and started crying and would not ride. Daddy had to hold her the entire time. Once off of the carousel, we were able to convince her to do a ride on a fire truck and the train. Those rides went off much much better!
We of course had to eat the fair food. Thomas had a corn dog and Addison and I shared a funnel cake. YUMMY!
Last stop at the fair were the animals. Of course, this is Addison's favorite thing in the whole world. We saw lots of cows, birds, sheep, and goats. There were lots of Addison animal noises going on, as well. TOO CUTE!

South Plains Fair 2010
2 years old

South Plains Fair 2009
1 year old

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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