Sunday, September 20, 2009

Homemade Apple Pie

Addison and I had such a good time making some yummy apple pie this last week with the apples we picked at the Apple Butter Festival. We started by peeling the apples. While I was peeling the apples, she we standing on a chair next to me taking the peels out of the sink, sucking on them, and watching me. While we did that we sang a little "Apples and Bananas" by Raffi. She then continued to stand on her chair while she watched me mix it all together. I have been waiting for my first Mommy/daughter baking experience and I think it was a success!!!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

PS. The lovely smile that is covering my daughter's face is her new thing. When we tell her to smile, she makes the hugest and most adorable smile in the world! Ah, the funny things this girl does!

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  1. She is getting so big, and is so cute Jess. You and Thomas have a heart breaker on your hands.