Friday, September 11, 2009


So we have finally figured out why Addison has been sick all week! We have been really racking our brain as to what has really been wrong with her. She started out Sunday with a fever, but no other symptoms. Her no symptoms sickness and fever of 101-102.5 continued on into Wednesday. Tuesday we took her to the doctor because we were completely stumped as to why she could not break the fever and there was no other illness popping up. She did a flu test, a strep test, a complete body checkup and came to the conclusion that it was just some sort of virus and that if the fever continued up into Thursday that we needed to bring her back. Thankfully on Wednesday morning she broke her fever and she was playing/smiling/moving around. She was ready to go back to school!!! When I picked her up on Thursday from school she had a rash all over her body that was not itchy or bothersome. She had not eaten anything new at school to cause the rash, so we figured that it was a heat/fever rash from her body get so hot during the past 4 days. We thought that it would surely go away by Friday afternoon, but when we picked her up she still had the rash and it was worse. I we go again to the doctor. I decided to call the nurse first and see what she had to say. Thankfully, she gave me the answer I right away. ROSEOLA. Ever heard of it? Well, it is a virus that the only symptom that is present is a high fever and then once the fever breaks and she is not contagious anymore a rash becomes present. Thank goodness for great doctors/nurses. They have helped us out so many times on our unsure issues with Addison. If you would like to read more about Roseola here you go:

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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