Friday, July 11, 2014

Swim Lessons

The kids had another really great session of swim lessons.
Addison moved up to level 2, which taught her more floating techniques,to improve and perfect her swimming strokes, and to become more comfortable swimming down to deeper levels while holding her breath. She did amazing! We got her some goggles and she has been on a roll diving in the water and playing with diving toys. She of course loves her diving board, so as we do every year we had to get a video of her jumping off. She has become so much more confident than she was last year, and I didn't think that could happen because she rocked last summer!
As for Avett, he continued in his parent and me class. Thomas and I flip flopped everyday to swim with him. He worked on being comfortable in the water, jumping with a parent, kicking and scooping his arms, blowing bubbles, laying on his back, and the dreaded going underwater (he is not a fan right now). He really did great compared to last year. The last week of last years swim lessons was pretty much pointless. He was not interested in being in the water and held on to me for the whole 30 minutes. He really did participate a lot this year and now gets so excited to swim and asks us everyday to go to the Texas Tech pool.
You can tell by the pictures that by the end of each lesson they were both worn out and looking disheveled. That is a good thing! They worked hard. They also had a great reward on the last week of swim lessons when the Masked Rider came out and let the kids pet the horse and take pictures.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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