Thursday, July 3, 2014

Baby Face

At the beginning of June, Addison had her dance recital. She did such an amazing job and had a great time with her friends Lainey and Ava in her class. They did a tape dance to the song, "Baby Face". All of the girls in her class worked so hard! We were very proud of all of them and especially Addison. We practiced sooo much with her and by the end Avett even know some of the moves and the song. This will be the last year that we will be with The Dance Gallery. We really have enjoyed being there, but Addison has not been very thrilled with tapping. She says it shakes up her Anyways, so are new move is going to be Ballet Lubbock, which is strictly ballet. We have an evaluation this upcoming week to see how much ballet she knows, which unfortunately is not much (The Dance Gallery primarily focused on tap with about 15 minutes of ballet a class). Once we have the evaluation they will tell us which class will work best for her. We have talked about this with Addison and we are doing this move to promote what she likes doing, but she is not 100% keen on it. So....we are giving it a year to decide if we are a yes or a no for dance. Who knows? We are just proud of her for trying it and we are here for her to help her and guide her into a choice that will become a life hobby and something she can enjoy for years to come.

Sorry about the very bright light of the video,that is the best that I could do (we could only tape during rehearsal and they had all lights going). To help you out, Addison is the fifth girly on the right of the stage.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

PS. All the videos that were set to private and were not watchable on the blog is now set to public. Sorry about that!

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