Sunday, May 18, 2014

Star of the Week

At Smith, every child gets the opportunity to be the "Star of the Week" to celebrate being a great Smith Star and to celebrate their birthday. We do not do an actual celebration on the child's birthday but instead we invite parents to bring goody bags and treats for their Star Party. Addison's star party was luckily pretty close to her birthday. When you are the star of the week you get to have many privileges in the classroom: you bring an awesome poster that is displayed all week,line leader, bucket carrier, calendar helper, and over all helper for the week. It is pretty exciting stuff!! On Wednesday, in Mrs. Grimshaw's class, they always have their star party. At the party, they get to sit in the middle of everyone and eat the goodies that parents bring and you get to present the poster that you brought at the beginning of the week, which after the students get to ask the star any question they would like. Addison brought cupcakes that we baked in ice cream cones, capri suns, and a goodie bag filled with fruit snacks, bubbles, and a fun swirly straw. She was such a great star and it really was a highlight of the year for her!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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