Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Break: the Last Day

I know this spring break blogging is taking forever!! Life is busy busy.

For our last day of Spring Break in Houston, we headed over to the water wall by the Galleria and took getting sprayed on for a couple of minutes. On that day, I think the Lubbock wind followed us and it was blowing like crazy. The water from the wall was spraying all over the place and it was very hard for us to spend much time there and walk around it like we had planned. OH WELL! We headed over and spent some money at the container store and the very yummy restaurant Kenny and Ziggys. It was lovely! Later that day we went over to a super fun playground in Old Katy that the kids had a blast at. We spend a good hour letting the kids run around and play. Our last stop of the night was not really an adult favorite, but was traveled to for the kids: The Rainforest Cafe. They loved the thunder storms, the gorillas, and then all the animals making their noises. It was a good time for them. I think overall, the kids had a great spring break this year!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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