Wednesday, April 23, 2014

All About Penguins

A couple of weeks ago, Addison was able to go on a field trip to the Science Spectrum with all the kindergartners at Smith. They were studying ocean animals and there was a great live animal exhibit of penguins and an I MAX movie and so it ended up being perfect for their class. They started out with the movie. Addison and I were sitting next to one of the boys in the class that had never been to an I MAX before and he was quite frightened. Addison was very sweet and such a good friend, she leaned over and told him how fun it was and throughout the entire movie she held his hand. The kids then got to go in to see the real penguins and explore all the fun interactive displays that dealt with the penguins. There were four penguins on display to watch. They saw them eat and hang out. After, the kids brought sack lunches to eat and then they had fun exploring the rest of the science spectrum until time to go back to school. I was so glad that I was able to go with her and experience this with her and her class.
On a side note-Midway through the movie, Addison turned very pale and started complaining heavily about her ear hurting, I thought maybe the movie was just too loud, but she ended up complaining the entire field trip about her ear and she was in a lot of pain. I attempted multiple times to take her right away to the doctor after the movie, but it was a no go. She was insistent on staying with her class to finish it out....while complaining!! I continually checked on her and reasked about leaving, but I failed at that. In the mean time I made an appointment for the doctor right after the trip and got her in (double ear infection).

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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