Friday, March 21, 2014

First Visit from the Tooth Fairy

A couple of weeks ago, Addison lost her first tooth. She has been wishing and praying for the day that she would have a lose tooth and be able to take it out for the tooth fairy to visit. She was over the moon excited when I saw her and lunch time and she shared that her tooth was wiggly. By the end of the day it was extremely lose, bleeding a little bit, and her teacher informed me that she had not left it alone all day. She was determined that it would come out that night, even though we told her it would be okay to go to sleep and let it fall out on its own. She wiggled and wiggled, attempted to pull on her own with no luck. She eventually let mommy help her and we got it out on the first try. As you can tell in the photos there were some tears, which were more from the fear of the unknown than pain. She was soo excited when it came out, did not care about the blood or the events that happened just before that. She quickly put it in her treasure box and then her tooth pillow and placed it on her night stand for the tooth fairy to visit. The tooth fairy was very generous for a first time tooth: certificate, letter, $5, and a new palace pet. She ended her weekend of excitement with the man from the flower department at Market Street giving her a bouquet of flowers for free. Just tonight we noticed that the new "grown up" tooth is coming in and her "fake" tooth is now wiggly. The fun continues!!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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