Monday, March 31, 2014

American Girl Bistro

For Spring break we headed down to Houston for a couple days so we could take the kids to fun things that we do not have in Lubbock and to see our sweet niece, Lily. On the first day the Mommies and Nana took Addison and Lily to the American Girl Store where they have a Bistro. We have had a reservation for the past 2 months and the girls were very excited to bring their dolls to lunch with them. The dolls had their own high chair next to the girls and they were able to have their own cup and saucer to drink from. The food was perfect for little girls and for mommies that are not wanting to eat a whole lot! Their napkin holders were ponytail holders that we were able to take home for dolly/girl use. We also were able to have a yummy trio dessert for the girls to enjoy. It is an absolutely perfect place to take your little girl and the imagination just runs wild while they are there. We loved it. Nana even bought the dolls matching swim suits when we were done in the Bistro. The hanging doll is showing that Addison was able to go potty while her dolly hung out in the stall next to her and then we had a fun time strolling the mall while the girls sang "Firework" by Katy Perry. Fun times...Thanks Nana, Bethany, and Lily for making these Reynolds girls happy campers. PS. The boys had a good time too. Avett, Thomas, Poppa, Jeremy and his friend Stephen all had a great lunch and hung out at the comic book store.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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