Sunday, November 17, 2013

Addison's Report Card

Addison has been doing amazing in school! She is reading sooo well, has received a 100 on every reading test that she takes. She normally takes 1-2 a week. We are in awe of how well she is able to sound out words to figure out unknown words and her ability to really comprehend what she is reading.
Here is her report card info:
"On track"  for all citizenship
"On track"  for all Developmental Skills
In Letter knowledge, She identifies all capital and lower case letters and is producing all letter sounds.
In Color knowledge, she identifies all colors
In Numerals, is identifies and names 1-20
In Shapes, she identifies all 2D shapes.
"On Track" with writing name, recognizing compound words as 2 short words, Rhymes, identifies syllables, and retelling a story in order.
"On Track" with sorting and describes objects by variety of attributes.
"On Track" with knowing living/non living and identifies basic needs of living things
"On Track" with distinguishing between needs and wants.

Addison also uses an assessment program for reading called istation. It is a computer based assesment. Here is her information in that:
In overall reading, she is Better than or equal to 85% of students who took the test in November
In listening comprehension she scored a 5 (not sure what that one means)
In letter knowledge, she is better than or equal to 93% of students who took the test in November
In Phonemic Awareness, she is better than or equal to 88% of students who took the test in November
In Vocabulary, she is better than or equal to 77% of students who took the test in November.

At this time with all scores added up, Addison is performing as a 1st grader who took the test in September. I couldn't be more proud. I think many of these scores might be higher if she was more attentive. I know when she does the istation game for practice at home, she gets very side tracked with all the neat stuff it does and I am sure she talks to her friends while playing in the practice rounds. That is my to talk and show what she has.

Next 6 weeks, the class will be graded on all that is above, along with writing letters, building sets, matching 3D shapes to real objects, blend sounds of 3 letter words, break apart sounds of 3 letter words, make new words by changing beginning, middle, and ending letters, leaving space between written words, identify/extend/create patterns, construct and use a graph to answer questions.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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