Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Swim Lessons 2013

The past two weeks, Addison and Avett have had swim lessons at the Texas Tech pool. Addison is in the youth 1 class and ended up with a great class of swimmers and a great coach and they were able to work on primarily all level 2 techniques and a couple of level 3. She really had fun, had a friend from dance with her and even met a new friend. Avett was in the Parent and Me class. He learned how to blow bubbles, enter and exit the pool, scale the wall, kick and scoop, and put his head under water, with help. The first week Thomas and I switched off swimming with Avett and watching Addison. The second week, Thomas was on his trip to Montezuma so mom came 2 of the days with me to watch the kids. It wasn't as fun as in previous years, because we had to go inside the last week because of weather, and it just was not very warm and enjoyable in the inside pool. Oh well! The kids had a great time and they learned some new great skills! We just love that we have two little fishies. We have been able to put our skills to good use going to the Tech pool almost every other day.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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