Sunday, June 9, 2013

Our Ears are fixed!

As many of you know, Avett has been battling ear infections since 3 months of age. He has been on an antibiotic almost every two weeks, plus 3 very high severity antibiotic shots every other day in March. After the shots we went for almost a month without anymore ear infections and then mid April the infection ..that did not go away,but very highly tolerated by Avett...came back. We went to visit our doctor who decided to put him on the "z pack for children" and started the process of being referred over to the ENT. The antibiotic was a 5 day dosage and our ENT appointment was not for 2 weeks. We barely made to the day before the ENT apt. when we could not bare the sight of Avett in pain anymore and headed back to our pediatrician. We added yet another antibiotic to our list and headed to the ENT the next day. We did a hearing test, which he failed miserably at. Everything in his sweet little world sounds muffled, but he can still hear. His ear drum was surrounded by thick mucus and it was throbbing. The doctor right away saw the severity of his situation and scheduled him for 5 days later for the surgery. When we arrived at 6:15 am , the staff gave Avett and Addison a panda bear and we then waited not very patiently for the doctor to arrive. Once there, we got him in and out of the surgery room within 10 minutes. The ears were abscessed because of the severity of infection and there was alot of mucus. The surgery was definitely needed and he was glad that he hadn't waited any longer to do the surgery. Also, he shared that the ear had looked just as bad as when we went to visit the first time and the surgery was 5 days later with antibiotics...obviously another antibiotic that did not work. We had a week of heavy drainage in his ears and we are now not having any drainage. He is sleeping, almost every night, fully through the night! Thank goodness! We are babbling more and a lot more smiles! Thank goodness for ENTs and thank goodness for tubes! Addison had tubes at 9 months and it was the best thing that happened to wise. We pray that it will be the same situation for Avett!

Look at the bags under this sweet babies eyes. He is tired, sick, and in pain. Thank goodness we finally got him the help he needed! 

 Waiting impatiently in the room for the doctor.

Addison was able to come to the surgery center for a little bit before school started. She loved being a helper and a friend for her bubba.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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