Sunday, April 14, 2013


Easter was a great time. It was so cute to see our two cuties dressed in matching colors! I am having fun with this part of having two kids! Can you tell? Avett in his bowtie and Addison in her Chevron dress just made my Easter day, LOL! They were both such happy campers that day. Addison had lots of fun friends to play with (Tosha's friends' kids!) They just ran all around together, ate together, played doctor together, and ran around collecting eggs together...along with smashing the coscarrones(sp?) on each other) There were many many kids big and small that enjoyed our front yard egg hunt. We had lots and lots of eggs! Biggest family egg hunt we have had, and Addison had a blast! The food was yummy, the friends were so fun, and the family time was so worth it!

And I am so proud of my carrot cake!! It was super yummy!!!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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