Friday, March 15, 2013

Abilene, Here We come!

For Spring Break, we have always done a little trip here or there. Well, we did not have anything planned for this Spring Break and with Thomas trying to finish his portfolio we did not have a big time frame to take off and run away for multiple days. When thinking about what do to with the kids to still make it fun and have a little family time, I began talking to my Assistant Principal about zoos and she shared that the Abilene zoo was really one of the best that she has been to.  I looked it up and being only a short drive from here, we decided that would be a great weekend trip for us to go and venture out on. We headed out on Friday evening, had a really great sleep (THIS WAS VERY SHOCKING FOR US!),

had some good breakfast in the hotel, and headed over to the zoo. The weather was a little windy, but perfect temperature! It was super great! The zoo was just the perfect size for a baby and  preschool age child.  Unlike the larger zoos where it takes pretty much all day to go through it because you are trying to get everything in and you have dragging children because they get tired, and you have to stop and eat and snack, etc. At the Abilene zoo, this is literally a morning or afternoon activity.  Addison and Avett LOVED the flamingos, feeding the giraffes( SO FUN!), and overall, just how close you were to the animals, the calmness of the zoo, and the ability to see the animals in all the encounters. We definitely will be going back!

After the zoo, we headed for some lunch, back to the hotel for a nap, and then on to swimming at the hotel pool (intentionally booked a hotel with an indoor pool for another fun family activity)! Both of the kids had a great time in the pool! (I think this is where we collected our family sickness though...oh well!)

Sunday morning we had breakfast and headed home! Great little trip, Great family time!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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