Friday, February 22, 2013


Valentine's was lots of fun around our house this year. We did 14 days of cupid delivering goodies to daddy and he got a great photography surprise from the kids. Addison decided that she wanted to give love bugs for her Valentine's, but then found out we had to do the whole pre-k group. So, we decided love bugs for her class and cereal boxes that read, " You cerealsly rock!". Avett gave his friends some socks. The kids also got their teachers, starbucks cards and lotion that read "A little COFFEE and CREAM for a great teacher who makes my heart beam!". Lastly, we had a yummy Valentine's dinner. Pink Heart cut out homemade pancakes, bacon, and sparkling grape juice with a kitchen all decorated, thanks to Addison! What fun we had on our LOVE DAY!

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