Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning, was alot of fun! Of course, we had to enjoy the yummy caramel rolls that are always made by my mom (grandma's yummy recipe). We opened our stockings, and then opened presents. Addison was overly joyful for all of her presents!! She received pretty much everything that she asked for; American Girl Doll, Disney princess watch that is personalized, Hello Kitty Suitcase, slippers, and bathrobe. Of course, she got some great new outfits, but she really could care less about that (I liked that part of the present opening). Avett had a really great 1st Christmas. I was able to put him in the same onesie that Addison wore for her 1st Christmas!! Avett is 4 months in this wearing it and Addison was 7 months. Avett received a monkey suitcase, lots of toys and books, and some great outfits. Together, Santa brought them a super great puppet theater! We saw it at Holiday Happening this year and we were able to get Santa to bring us one! Fun times and great thanks to Santa and our families for all you did for our babies, Thomas, and I!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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