Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bingo Days 10-21

Here are the last days of our dear elf Bingo! He was so fun to have in the house!!

Bingo 10- Candy Cane Garden- Small bits of peppermint and oats..she plants them and then on the next day candy canes have grown
Bingo 11- Candy Canes
Bingo 12-Everyone in the house got sick...including poor Bingo
Bingo 13- Fun with the marker
Bingo 14- Drinking some pink milk
Bingo 15- Riding the reindeer
Bingo 16- Santa Videos
Bingo 17- Elefun!!
Bingo 18- Doc McBingo- playing doctor with the stuffed animals
Bingo 19- Let's go swinging
Bingo 20- No Trespassing
Bingo 21- Goodbye Letter
Bingo did not stay any longer because he knew that we would be traveling here there and everywhere. He said goodbye and is eager to return next year!

 Here are Santa's Videos!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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