Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ready for Avett

We are officially ready for Avett! He is now considered full term, we are at 37 1/2 weeks!! When we went to the Dr. on Thursday we were told that we are dialated to 1 cm., I have dropped, and that she can feel his head!! We are so excited about this because Addison never showed any progression at 2 days after her due date we induced.  Now we know that Avett's due date is not until the 26th, but we are just truly excited that there is some movement and progression happening, because we are on the track of no induction this time! We will have another Dr.s appointment on Thursday again to see what she has to say. Can't wait! So, now back to being ready...we have his bag packed, all of the new clothes are washed and hung up, we hope that we have every "baby supply" needed (we shall soon find out if we will be running out to the store as he arrives), car seats are in, big sister bag is almost complete, carpets clean, house is as clean as it can be with a 4 year old running around and 2 hairy dogs, and the room is ready! We are so anxious and excited and watching every move that this body makes.  We look forward to texting and calling all of you with the exciting news that we are on our way to the hospital!! So, for now, we will enjoy the time we have left with Addison on her own and try to keep our excitement on the down low!

We wanted to share the finished Avett Bedroom project!! We are so proud of it and we think that it turned out exactly the way we hoped and dreamed it would be! 

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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