Friday, July 6, 2012

Avett's Baby Showers

I wanted to share some of the photos that we had from the showers that were given to me in May. We had a family/friends shower in Midland the weekend of Addison's 4th birthday. It worked out really well, and the gals did a wonderful job with it. The hostess' were Ashlee, Tosha, Lonetta, Reba, and Vicki. They went with our yellow and grey train theme very well and it was so cute! We got many many outfits and some other great necessities that will be quickly used with Avett. Addison was loving the gift opening portion of the shower, it was like her birthday was just continuing all weekend long! The second shower that I had was a surprise! The Pre-K/Special Ed. Group at my school showered us with millions of diapers! We are definitely stocked for a while. THANK GOODNESS! I am so gratefully to have such sweet co-workers/friends! It was so generous and very very helpful. They also were able to fit in that fun train theme with the cake. Sorry there are no pictures of the diapers...we forgot! We are just so thankful to have even received showers from everyone, we were very prepared to do what we needed with Avett on our own since this was our second child! Thank you to all our wonderful friends and family for thinking of us and helping us with all the many things that Avett will need here in the next few weeks! (more on that to come!!)

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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