Friday, June 1, 2012

Fredericksburg 2012

This last weekend was our annual trip out to Fredericksburg with all of our wonderful friends. We were there with Trinity, Diana, and Grace; Ashlee, Clint, Brooklyn, and Caleb; Jen and Mike; Dan and Jeremy; and Erin and Craig. We split the couples into 2 houses with families with children and the non children families. We spent alot of time at our house hanging out on the patio or outside, but we also enjoyed a great night at the other house for a game of horseshoes for the guys, smores, and the kids going crazy in the yard.
Saturday, we started our family and the Horsley's started out by seeing one of my great friends Katie and John. It was so good to see Katie, as she is pregnant too and I was soo excited to see her baby bump, and I because I miss her mucho!! We didn't get a whole lot of time together but lunch was nice enough to last us for a while! We then headed down Main St. to browse the stores, enjoy some yummy snacks, and allow my feet to swell up! Lots of fun! We ended at Hondo's for dinner. Sunday, was a day for touring and spending time with good friends. We first spent the morning with all of us going seperate ways. Some went to the LBJ museum, others to Lukenbach, and the Horsley's and our family headed to the wildflower farm. I think all families involved enjoyed their picks. We then meet to enjoy some music, relaxing, good conversation, and all except prego and kids, some wine. We went to Grape Creek and Becker wineries. Silver creek was last on our game plan! Such good food and this is one of Thomas' and my fav restaurants so we were definitely not going to turn that down. Thank you to all of our friends for coming and we enjoyed every second of it!! We hope that next year will be on our list of things to do!!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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