Sunday, June 24, 2012

Critter Fest

On Saturday, we took Addison to the annual Critter Fest that is held at the Science Spectrum. There are always lots of local animal shelters and pet stores showing off what animals they have, there are the dog training folks, there are the Alligator people from Houston and the Tiger show, and lastly, crafts, face painting, and sugary food.  She really enjoyed touching and looking at all the animals inside, from dogs, cats, ducklings, turtles, rabbits, reptiles, and more! Thomas and I were about to die from heat exhaustion, Thomas was more of a trooper then I was and chased her around while I sat or waddled slowly behind. At the end, Addison was able to pick two animals that she wanted to ride; her choices were camel, pony, and elephant. She surprisingly did not pick the elephant! Overall, though hot and somewhat miserable the whole time, it was a fun to see Addison enjoying herself so much!!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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