Sunday, September 25, 2011

South Plains Fair 2011

We had another great year at the fair. Addison was very very excited about going on the rides this year. She was pretty timid last year about getting on the rides, except for the carousel, but not this time a round. We did the carousel, along with 2 other kiddie rides that she had no problem going on by herself. We also decided that this year we would venture and do a family ride with the ferris wheel. I thought for sure that she would feel a little nervous once we got on and got moving, but she kept saying "when is it going to go faster". I think she is over her toddler fears! She even said she wanted to go on the bungee cord ride that you have to pay about $50 dollars to! Crazy girl, I think not! As usual, she loved to see the animals and pet as many as she could and we enjoyed some of the great fair food. It was a little hot,but overall it was a great Sunday afternoon at the fair!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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