Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remember, Horses, and Apples

We had a wonderful weekend. We started out with a trip over to Bryan Kastman park where they have a tribute every year to 9/11. It is such a neat sight to see all of the flags displayed. Addison walked over and said over and over again "Holey Moley, look at all of those flags". She was in awe! As of right now, we do not feel it is the right time to talk to Addison about what happened because she would not understand, but we want her to be aware that we will always try and make an effort to show her the beautiful tribute that our city gives to all who have been affected by that horrible day.

On Saturday, we took Addison downtown to see The Parade of the Horses.  With the Cowboy Symposium here for the weekend, they begin this event with a parade of many horses, cowboys, and cowgirls that take persetional through downtown and down to the Civic Center where the symposium would begin.  Addison LOVED the parade. She was most excited at the end when she say her "favorite cowboy" of all....THE MASKED RIDER! It was a great morning to go and we were so glad to start another new tradition for our family.

The last part of our weekend, ended in Idalou at Apple Country Orchards where they held their annual Apple Butter Festival.  We attempted to pet some sheep and goats (though they were a little spooked by the live music next to their pins), had a delicious apple turnover, Addison had her face painted, walked around the orchard and picked some apples, waited in line for the hayride just in time for the rain to start pouring.  We were quite wet by the end of the event, but we had fun and Addison loved getting drenched by the rain.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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