Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Go Speed Racer

This girl of ours has grown leaps and bounds this summer. We have gone from a size 8 shoe at the start of the summer to a size 9 as the new year of school starts and she has jumped through the roof with her height. We can not believe what a change we have seen with Addison with her growth and her personality. Our little girl is getting too too big for us. Something else that she is getting too too big for is her tricycle! She got her trike for Christmas this year and she is now too tall for it. When she rides her bike her knees are touching the handle bars and she was struggling to petal and move and a "normal" pace.
So for a surprise this weekend, she was able to get a big girl bike with training wheels. She is in love with it! She wants to ride her bike every 10 minutes and WOW! is she fast! Before we were needing to push her along and tell her keep going and now she is about 3 yards in front of us and we are needing to speed walk to keep up with her. She just loves it! She also likes to go ride down the way to our neighbors house 3 houses down to say hi to her every night. She is an elderly lady and Addison and her I think are both enjoying the attention that they are giving to one another! HA! It is too cute.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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