Saturday, February 26, 2011


Last weekend we took the opportunity with mom in town to head over to Roswell to visit my Grandpa.  He has been having some health problems as of the last couple of month and we really wanted to go over and just check to see how things are going to and let him know that we were thinking about him.  He has definitely aged and lost quite a bit of weight since his stomach problems have occured, so it was bit of a change for us. We miss him very much and we were so happy to see that things were going not great but alright for him!
While there we went to breakfast at IHOP where Grandpa go to see the misbehaving side of Addison! It was a lovely meal, needless to say, I was stressed to the max. She calmed down after a couple of visits with Nana to some of the friends in the park that my grandpa lives in.  We then took Addison (without Grandpa) to the free zoo that Roswell has.  It is a great little park to walk around in and enjoy the outdoors.  She was able to chase a rooster, talk to a deer, pet a pony, and view a couple other animals and she was ready for the park. After the park we took her to the alien McDonalds, which is the first fast food play area we have let her play in.  I am little afraid of all the crazy kids and the mega amount of germs/dirtiness that is associated with them.  I went in with her for supervision and luckily there were no other kids playing at that time. We had dinner with Ellie and Grandpa at the Roswell version of Pei Wei which was quite yummy and then some custard for dessert. On Sunday, we of course went to church.  Grandpa did the sermon that weekend and he was amazing.  I had never heard my Grandpa give a sermon before and I was very very proud of him.  Everyone was coming up and telling him how great it was and I definitely was proud to be sitting next to him as his granddaughter!
Check out some of the pictures that we took at our picasa sight!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

PS While writing this, Thomas is in the bedroom putting Addison to bed.  She is doing something and he is getting on to her.  She starts crying and saying that she wants her momma.  Daddy tells her to quiet down and she tells him don't talk to me! LOL I think we officially have a 2 1/2 year old teenager!! Oh My the fun we have!

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