Monday, May 24, 2010

Change of Schools Update

I am no longer going to Jackson Elementary in the East side of Lubbock.  I will now be going over to Preston Smith Elementary which is on the south west side of town.  I will be the only pre-k teacher from Martin coming to Smith.  There will be 2 pre-k teachers from Mahon and 1 from Stubbs.  It will be a whole new group of pre-k teachers to group up with.  I am not to excited about being without my friends and co-teachers, but I will make new friends with these teachers.  I am excited about being at Smith.  It is a really great school to be as a teacher and to be for Addison.  I will get to take Addison there for pre-k up to 5th grade! That will be so great!  Some other pluses for this school include getting to keep 3 of my kids from my class this year, because I will be in there district, I will get to continue the STAR program with these kiddos, and I get to stay with my 2 amazing TAs.  It is closer to the house, but I will still have to drive across town to pick up Addison from daycare.
For the moment we are enjoying these last couple days at Martin and we are working hard to get our room packed up by June 1.  We are at least half way there with the packing, and we have 4 days left to get it done! We can do it!

I look forward to this summer and ending this school year, but I am really sad to leave my school and the wonderful friends that I have made! I love my Martin family and I will miss them terribly!

Much love,
The Reynolds

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