Monday, May 31, 2010

Big Girl Bed

On Sunday night, Addison's crib was transformed into her toddler day bed.  She was very excited about it and we have been talking about it all weekend.  There really hasn't been a reason to take her out of her crib, she does not try to crawl out of it and she does a great job in there.  We just thought it was a good time to try and transition her into this new stage of sleeping with mommy being at home for the summer.  She slept awesome all night!! At 5:45, we heard a loud scream and a, "MOMMY" calling.  She had fallen out of her bed, but was perfectly fine. She crawled back up in bed and was quickly back to sleep until her normal 7:00 wake up time! For nap today and tonight when going to bed, she was not interested in sleeping on the pillow, but that doesn't really surprise me, she has never slept on a pillow before and it is probably uncomfortable.  Here are a couple pictures to show off the big girl in her old and improved bed!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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  1. I love her big girl bed!!