Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Walking Stick

At the end of the year the Kindergarten classes do a research project to get the kids to start learning how to research a topic and report on it. The topic was insects. Addison's teacher let each student pick a paper out of hat and that was the insect that they would have to their project on. Addison picked the walking stick. The research project goes like this: 1. Report to parent what they know and what they want to know about their insect and the parent writes it down. 2. With parent, start discussing where they can find information about their insect, write down books, websites, etc. and begin viewing those resources. 3. As parents read information from resources, students sketch important information. 4. Group sketches into "like" information- Addison's groups were protection, characteristics, and the life cycle. 5. What is the big idea? 6. Create poster and practice reporting information. Addison's poster had a tree that she created with leaves and a walking stick that we created out of pipe cleaner. 7. Bring poster and report insect project to class. After each step we had to return her folder back to class so that her teacher could see that we had worked on her project nightly or every other night. Addison loved this project. She got to be creative, learn new information, and it was about a BUG! We had lots of fun working together and it was great at the end to see all the kids posters lining the Kindergarten hallway.

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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