Friday, February 14, 2014

Bingo Fun 2014

Bingo Arrives!!

Bingo wraps our kitchen.

Bingo hangs up the "stockings"

Rudolph the red nosed Reynolds

Bingo's fort of books

Playing in the "snow"

Stuck outside

Sugar Rush

TPing Addison room

Spiderbingo Spiderbingo

Snow Ball Fight

Going crazy with the stickers

Videos from Santa

we know that the video has Avett's name spelled wrong..we were trying to get the video to say his name correctly and we got so caught up in everything we forget to change it....Addison caught it right away, but we made up a story and all was good!

Gift from Bingo

Get your act together kiddos!!

Magic Elf Seeds

Peek a Boo

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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