Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christms Recital 2013

This year, Addison was able to be apart of the annual Christmas Recital that the Dance Gallery puts on. Once you are in Kindergarten the girls are allowed to dance in it. The dance recital is not meant as a serious recital as it is in May, but a fun way to start your Christmas holiday. The girls are given the routine 4 weeks before the performance to a Christmas song and the costumes are christmas items that Mrs. Carla has saved in her closet over the years. Addison literally was wearing a mini tree shirt on her shoulders and women's knee high socks. I was very skeptical about it, but all the girls looked too cute! The instructors sit at the bottom of the stage to show the girls the hand movements, since they do not have much time to learn the dance, but I think Addison's class did amazing and did not even need the instructors help. We have a really great class this year, of girls that are really energetic, happy, and excited about dancing! Take a look at how they did...Addison is 4th on the right (crazy enough..she is no longer one of the tallest in the class...she is slowing down on that length, although her pants don't tell the same story)

Avett was not interested in Santa this time, poor Mrs. Claus!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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