Saturday, October 5, 2013

Accelerated Reader

Addison has been very interested in books for such a long time! In the past couple of years we have been working and motivating Addison to attempt some reading on her own. She has become very confident and excited about learning how to read books on her own, and now has become a great beginner reader! At her parent teacher conference in early September, her teacher let us know that Addison along with 4 others in her class would begin a program called Accelerated Reader. This program is designed to promote independent reading practice and monitors their progress and level of performance. Addison is starting on books that are nonfiction and they have been seasonal. Her first book was about Jack-o-lanterns. She read it for 3 days and then was given a multiple choice test. She scored a 100 on it and was so excited, as were we! She has taken another test on Fall Harvest and scored 100 on that one. We are working on book number 3-Warm Clothes. She will take her test on Tuesday. I am soo eagor and excited for more books that continue to challenge her reading skills! Addison also was given a list of 25 words that the entire class will learn by the end of this year. Her teacher wanted us to create flash cards so that we could work on these words at home so that she would already be working on them when it came time for the class to learn them. When we quizzed Addison on her knowledge of these words to know by the end of the year, she only had 3-4 words that she struggled with. We were so amazed and proud of her! YAY for our little reader!!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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