Sunday, May 12, 2013

5th Birthday

Addison turned 5 this week!! We cannot believe it. She has grown so much and truly has just left us in awe at every turn she has made! This birthday is just a another fun celebration for her that we were able to share with all of her friends and our family and friends! We went to a great place called Ready Set Go. The kids are able to jump on trampolines, swing in to a large foam pit, climb on foam walls,crawl threw bouncy houses, and lastly swing on a bungee swing! All of the kids had a great time, including Addison receiving her first semi-black eye..thus the tear stained face in the pictures. She jumped back in and finished up having a great time and eating yummy fruit and cake with all her buddies! We enjoyed dinner at Blue Sky, where Addison and Grace enjoyed some sand pit playtime and then it was off to Nana's to open the gifts. Thank you to all that gave Addison a birthday gift! We are so grateful to all of you and Addison loved everything!!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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