Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tricycle Rodeo

Last week, All Saints had a tricycle rodeo for all of the preschool and pre-kinder kids as part of the end of the year hoo-rah! For the past month they have been practicing their tricycle skills, galloping, skipping, and relay race events. We have patiently been waiting for this day to come, because the whole family has been full of excitement in seeing Addison do these fun events and to dress up like a cowgirl. They were asked to dress in western wear and the kids were given a bag of decorations for their bikes. By Friday morning, she was yeehawing and ready to go!! They had a tricycle parade all the way around the smaller gym and then after that they came in and started the relay races. They rode trics and stick horses around a hay bale and then had to go jump on a balloon to pop it. The real exciting part of this rodeo was that when they were coming into the parade, the kids were surprised to be riding past Raider Red! They were all ecstatic!! At the end of the rodeo they sang some Texas songs for the audience, played outside, and then had a hot dog lunch!! We loved it and she loved it!! Such fun at this great school!!

Much Love,
The Reynolds

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