Monday, March 14, 2011

ABC book

I wanted to share this neat idea I came across to make for Addison.  It is an ABC book that is made with random photos from the time Addison was born up until now.  I wanted to give Addison something special for her Valentine's gift that was homemade, educational, and something that she would connect with.  She has been really into the alphabet and this was a great way to extend her learning skills to pictures of herself with letters.  All you need to do is pick some of your favorites pictures that you can add a word to for a letter and print the words on it (photoshop or picnik) and take it to Walgreens or Walmart to print. Then buy a cheap photo album, I found Addison's for 3 dollars at Walmart, and add a cover to it (I used my cricut to make one) and slip in the photos! TaaDaa!! I am really proud of it and I think it is a great keep sake!
Go to the picasa site to look at the photos.

Much Love,
The Reynolds


  1. That is very cool. Those fonts look great on there too. Nice job on switching them up. I can think of a better one for the letter T though. Maybe Uncle T?

  2. Thanks! Yea it is alot of fun to make! It is definitely a must have for Grace as she starts learning her letters I think. You are so talented with Photoshop it will be easy peasy for you!