Sunday, January 30, 2011

The new room

Well, we finally have Addison's room almost done. I wanted to share the updated pics. We have two more walls, on other side of the window, that we need to put some pictures on, but I haven't quite decided what I want to do yet. Mom went back to IKEA and found the material that matches her comforter and cut out the characters and framed them, so that she would have a collage on top of her dresser. And I was really excited to find the old window at an antique shop here in town to display Addison's art work. My plan is to switch it out every now and then. I also was able to find a metal sign to go on her night stand that says, " You are my sunshine", I sing this to Addison at night, so that is a little something special to have (at least for me). Anyways, hope you all like it! We do! It is so cozy, I think Thomas and I could spend all our time in there.

Much Love,
The Reynolds


  1. It looks great! I am jealous of your design eye...I just can't do it!

  2. She is pretty good at it, though I think our new camera makes the design look even better!

  3. Addy's room looks great. I bet she is enjoying it.